Ping Group – With more than 30 years of operation experience in Vietnam – We are constantly striving to innovate and thrive each and everyday. We respond to the needs of the market by launching prestigious brands in various fields like:
– Textile manufacturer
– Commercial trading
– Food & Beverage services
– Personal care and beauty services

Ping Group guarantee our standing in both domestic and international market through the progression of research, improvisation and creativity – to deliver the finest quality of service to the community. We – the gifted members of Ping Group, are determinate to dedicate ourselves to build and sustain our prestigious brands and promise to be present with you every step of the way.


When we’re young, we’re dare to dream, to explore and aim high…the ambitious mind is the most important aspect during this stage. In PING GROUP, the youth never stopped thriving to become better evreyday. With many promising oppotunity, PING GROUP is the “playground” for you to shine and assert yourself for your future.

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